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Ensuring justice is demanding and difficult.  Achieving proportional justice is even harder.  Effective prosecutors who serve on the front lines of the justice system are the ones who get it done.

“We talk a lot about mass incarceration and we should, but we hardly speak at all about mass victimization.”


The pubic perception of prosecutors is often limited and distorted. Rather than the robotic, emotionless characters often portrayed, effective prosecutors are passionate, empathetic, and intimately connected to the communities they serve.

Most importantly, prosecutors are the gatekeepers of the criminal justice system. They must approach their duties in a fair and reasonable way that represents all people, regardless of party or partisanship.

Ineffective and flawed prosecutors allow the rights of criminals to supersede the rights of victims. They prioritize politics before people and thereby jeopardize the safety and security of our communities.

Talented and dedicated prosecutors play a dynamic and effective role in the criminal justice system - achieving the proportional justice the people of our communities rightly deserve.

“These bullets traumatized a whole community - they can’t be contained.  The bullets land either in a person or they hit a wall - they stop.  But in a figurative sense, these bullets are still traveling - this neighborhood has not forgotten.”


Closing Argument of Nipsey Hussle Trial

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